Rumpoles Bar

BODY IMAGE: Rumpoles Bar at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Old-school but subversive, Rumpoles Bar has just the right vibe for drinking and chilling. It’s a playroom for those who appreciate cocktails with a twist, and serves a great selection of beers and wines, too.

Enjoy music, watch live sports or just unwind with tasty bites in a cool environment.

Rumpoles Bar’s full menu menu.


Try Jen’s Signature Cocktails:

China Lady – Sochu, plum wine, lemon juice, maple syrup, pasteurized egg white

Tea Time in Tanglin – Rosemary and peppermint tea infusion with pineapple syrup, lemon juice

For all reservations or enquiries, please call (65) 6831 4326 or email