Say no to boring meetings. Next Jen Meetings were designed to take any business gathering to the next level. With three themes to choose from, you’re sure to get the right energy and flow for a super productive day. Choose the package that is suitable for you and add any extras you might need.

Business Package 

Next Jen Meeting Business Package 

Formal Layout

Choose a more traditional meeting room setup for when you really need to get down to business. Pick healthy and refreshing brain food. Enjoy buffet-style meals or a set two-course menu, with coffee. Take a breather with themed socials and coffee breaks.

Jenuine Package 

Next Jen Meeting Jenuine Package 

Semi-Formal Layout

This setup provides a more casual and relaxed atmosphere to encourage conversation and networking. Choose from sofa seating, bar stools or bean bags. Break things up with two social sessions—with options such as a live chef or DIY snack stations.

High Energy Package 

NextJenMeeting High Energy Package 720x355 

Informal Layout

We can set up a fun and active environment to get the creative juices flowing! We offer beanbags, fitness balls or swing chairs. In addition to that, we also have a gaming station featuring a Wii or PS3. Pool and picnic-style lunches can be arranged to keep the energy up.


All Next Jen Meeting Packages include:  

  • Organiser's Pack - All the basics you need, from markers, pens and tape to USB chargers, laser pointers and hotel maps
  • Standard Audio-visual Equipment - See, hear, and present with cables and equipment that work every time, without hassle. Standard equipment - screen, LCD projector, one microphone and standard cable kit
  • Mobile Charging Stations - No searching for plugs, just convenient and easy efficiency
  • Message Board - For staying up to date, sharing thoughts and keeping everyone connected
  • Fun Conference Table Amenities - From fruit-infused water and customised candies to unique stress balls and fun games for downtime
  • 2-Hour Response Time Guaranteed - Expect speedy acknowledgement from a manager within 2 hours and an official proposal within 24 hours
  • Meeting and Event Credit - 10% cash credit for a future event*


Contact my team at +65 6831 4319 or email for more information.