Evening Fitness Fun at Tanglin

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore : Evening Fitness Fun at Tanglin

Evening fitness fun at Tanglin 

Would you prefer an evening boot camp at Singapore’s only UNESCO World Heritage site or an invigorating aqua workout through the sunset? That's what I would call a tough choice! I promise you’ll get an endorphin high during both of these sessions with Ms Karen Lee, my special fitness trainer.

Land Physical Fitness at Botanic Gardens 

First, warm up with a brisk walk from Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore to the lush Singapore Botanic Gardens, where Karen will move you through a series of exercises that involves strengthening the body for better balance, posture and coordination in everyday situations. Don’t forget to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and spectacular display of tropical flora while you’re catching your breath!

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: Every other Thursday at 6.45pm

Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens (Gather at level 1, Lobby)

Attire: Casual with covered shoes

Class Size: 12 persons


Aqua Fitness 

Aqua fitness offers a great cardio workout and is great for strength training. Did you know that exercising in the pool can lower your heart rate, increase flexibility, tone muscles and build endurance? Not only does working out in the water put less strain on your joints, it also keeps you cool and fresh.

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: Every other Thursday at 6.45pm

Venue: Level 4, Swimming Pool

Attire: Swimsuits

Class Size: 12 persons


Karen Lee is a passionate fitness enthusiast who helps people with balancing their lives and gaining confidence in themselves. During this interactive session with her, you will come understand your body better and learn simple workouts that you can practice back in your hotel room or at home.


Ready to get your fitness on? Ask my staff for more information and be prepared to #LeaveBoringBehind when you visit my hotel!