Escape this Easter and Rediscover Your City

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore : Escape this Easter and Rediscover Your City

There’s actually no reason to leave my hotel this Easter. After all, my rooms feature the softest beds, mood lighting and walk-in showers. Lounges are chic, with a café-like appeal and infused with light, my three restaurants serve wonderful local food in Jenerous portions and the pool has to be seen to be believed. So, by all means, make yourself at home and stick around.

However, the best thing about my hotel has to be my team. Not only are they happy to handle all your needs, they seem to have the inside info on just about anywhere! Ask them about new places cropping up around us, good shops or things to see. They’ll be able to reveal your city in a whole new light – all you want from a good getaway.

We are launching new Easter holiday rates for those booking staycations, as well as deals at our restaurants. Book a stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin this Easter and we’ll help you rediscover your city.