Say goodbye to boring meetings and welcome the NEXTJen Meeting! To inspire the best ideas, boost energy and promote creativity during your next meeting, I have introduced a few little extras that are sure to bring about InJenious moments!

• Organizer's Pack 

All the basics you need, from markers, pens and tape to USB chargers, laser pointers and hotel maps.  

Standard Audio-visual Equipment 

See, hear, and present with cables and equipment that work every time, no hassle. Standard equipment - screen, LCD projector, one microphone and standard cable Kit. 

Mobile Charging Stations  

No searching for plugs, just convenient and easy efficiency.   

Message Board  

For staying up to date, sharing thoughts, and keeping everyone connected.  

Fun Conference Table Amenities  

Enjoy fruit-infused water, unique stress balls, fun games for downtime and more. 

Added Benefits 

2-Hour Response Time Guaranteed  

Expect speedy acknowledgement from a manager within 2 hours and an official proposal within 24 hours.  

Meeting and Event Credit 

10% on future event cash credit* 


Choose the package that works best for you and add any extras you might need! You’ll enjoy inspiring spaces tailored for each occasion, a carefully curated menu and thoughtful perks that power your brainstorms.


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