Commune with Nature

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Singapore : Commune with Nature
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Singapore : Commune with Nature

Not all places to see in Singapore are urban. In between the colonial architecture, swanky boutiques and modern cafes, there’s a surprising amount of nature attractions in the Lion city.

These pockets of green make a great break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Your first stop should be Singapore’s botanic gardens, which were founded in 1859, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and showcase a terrific amount of tropical greenery. Take an arranged tour of the orchid garden, do some nature sketching or just wander. Gardens by the Bay is undoubtedly newer but just as mesmerising. Three waterfront gardens are home to an array of plants, flowers and foliage, while the huge tree-like structures at Supertree Grove stand up to 50-feet high and are futuristic-looking vertical gardens.

A nature walk at Singapore’s MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park takes you right into the jungle forest. (And give’s you a bird’s eye view of it when you walk the 250-metre suspension bridge on The TreeTop Walk) Dense greenery here is immediately cooling and home to all manner of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for owls, squirrels, macaques and the occasional lemur. For more animals, Singapore Zoo is the place. Many of the monkeys and orang-utans swing freely in the trees above you, and enclosures are lush and expansive. The night safari is the big draw here and elephant feeding is always going to be great fun.

Who knew Singapore had a wild side? To see more green spaces ask my team or read my One Day City Guide for the best urban escapes.