Basking in Bedok

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An Adventure for Kids (and Adults) 


Bedok is a busy village a little inland from East Coast at inland point, is a patch of blue and green that makes up the Bedok Reservoir. This park and water world is a place for anything – from a quiet picnic to an afternoon of canoeing on the reservoir itself.


The Forest Adventure is a great activity for kids of pretty much any age. Look deep into the trees and you’ll see the clever tree houses and ramps built especially to lead people through the jungle. There are 3 treetop courses, 60 obstacles and 5 zip lines to keep everyone entertained. There are sections where the little ones can safely climb around, because they are hitched onto the well-constructed arm rails. Older kids can climb around (with adult supervision) to their heart’s content (or until they get too tired).


Once you’ve all had enough climbing, you can hitch yourself up to the zip line and zoom across the water back to the starting line. It’s a fun way to enjoy a few hours.


There’s a small shop where you can buy a drink after your climbing expedition and a few chairs upon which you can rest your legs.


Forest Adventure

Situated inside Bedok Reservoir Park on Bedok Reservoir Road

The nearest MRT is Bedok Station, and there are several buses to get you up to the reservoir. The nearest car park is Car Park A.


Eating in the Hub of Bedok  


The Bedok Interchange is a hive of activity and a big transport hub in the area. There is an MRT station and a bus interchange where you can find a bus heading pretty much anywhere in Singapore. Obviously, with so many people around, there has to be a local food destination. It wouldn’t be Singapore if there wasn’t!


The Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre was refurbished not so long ago, so the facilities are sparkling clean and the food choices rival those anywhere on the island. It’s a busy place with office workers, shoppers and residents vying for their spot in one of the queues for awesome food.


You can try Yeo’s Noodle for typical Singaporean food. The noodles are made fresh every day. Once they run out, that’s it – no more food! Make sure you’re there before 1.30pm, or you’ll probably be disappointed.


The standard mee pok noodles are served in a rich gravy, and the ‘aunty’ serving will ask if you want your noodles dry or wet. Dry is always good, because they include a side serving of soup that you can add in to water the plate down if you like. The seller will also ask if you’d like vinegar. The vinegar adds a sharpness that cuts through the rich gravy. She’ll also ask if you want clams. These are good quality clams from a tin, with a seafood flavour and chewy texture that add just the right touch to the dish.


The seller at Teo’s is super friendly, so if you have other questions, you can always ask her, and she’ll happily help you. This doesn’t happen everywhere in Singapore - some hawkers can be really brisk when you order. They mean no harm, so just smile and look forward to your food.


Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre

1220 East Coast Parkway, Singapore

The nearest MRT is Bedok Station.


WiFi tip: There are several wireless@sg hotspots in Bedok Mall and at the hawker centre.


Restroom tip: The hawker centre has decent restrooms, but you will have to pay SGD 0.10. You could also go to Bedok Mall.