Winter Warmers

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Shenyang : Winter Warmers
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Shenyang : Winter Warmers

Come November is the official start of Shenyang’s winter. It probably hasn’t dropped below the freezing point yet but I think the plummeting temperature calls for wholesome food to keep you warm in this part of China. So what is Shenyang’s local cuisine like?

The Northeastern Chinese people are warm and hospitable, and this is reflected in their down-to-earth cuisine – potions tend to be massive and the food goes well with alcohol. One of the more commonly used cooking methods is stewing (which makes sense, considering the climate) – vegetable stew, meat stew, fish stew, anything stew to keep your belly warm in winter.

Because of its geographical location, Shenyang has always had strong ties with Korea. In fact, not far from my hotel is Xita Street, where you will find some of the best Korean restaurants in town. Some might go as far as calling this street “Little Seoul” because of its residents – Xita is home to over 30,000 Korean ethic minorities. In Shenyang’s colder months, folks will flock towards the area for hearty Korea hotpot and barbecue. Peony Hall is one of the famous establishments here, not only is the food excellent, they also offer Korean traditional performances, definitely an eye-opener for first-timers.

Don’t go to a popular restaurant without a booking – my team will be on hand to help you make reservations.