Inside Baijiu

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Shenyang : Inside Baijiu
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Shenyang : Inside Baijiu

I heard some horror stories about Baijiu, China’s infamous grain wine. Tales go that some varieties come with a certain scorch guaranteed to sting your throat, while others say that if you find a good local variety, you may have a new favourite tipple.

Desperate to know more, I headed over to the Laolongkou Distillery, which has a nice little museum right on site to learn about how the white liquor is made. After all, this drink is one of the world’s commonly consumed and has a centuries old heritage. It seems rude to ignore it!

The museum is full of interesting titbits. Did you know that Baijiu is usually fermented underground in a ceramic jar, or that the wines are often made from Sorghum grain? Inspired by my findings I went on to try some local varieties… but’s that’s a whole other story!

Want to try? Ask my teams which they recommend and where the best place is to taste baijiu in Shenyang.