Bliss Out at a Hot Spring

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Shenyang : Bliss Out at a Hot Spring
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Shenyang : Bliss Out at a Hot Spring

It always feels good to get local's insider information in a new place, so here’s a real gem. Shenyang’s winter can look pretty, but does feel oh-so-cold. The best way to warm up as recommended by locals is at a hot spring – and there are a few to choose from. Meiguojun Hot Spring is closest, about a 30-minute drive from Shenyang and in a stunning setting inside volcanic caves. With a jade room and clay rocks, its focus is on using nature’s best to soak away stresses.

Elsewhere, in Liaoyang City, Tanghe Hot Spring Holiday Hotel is a sprawling underground hideaway with private spa rooms, each containing a bath bubbling away at a steamy 60 degrees centigrade – can’t you just feel all those winter aches slipping away?

I ventured into the area’s well-known hot spring site, at Xiaohancun, about a 40-minute drive to the north of Shenyang, and I loved that there were so many ways to warm up here. Choices here include steaming indoor and outdoor pools, some filled with ingredients known for natural healing, such as wolfberry, aloe or even wine. I soaked till I was pink all over, then got a massage and then blissed out in the sauna. When I was finally done, I was warm and contented from  head to toe!

And this, fellow travellers, is why locals always know best…

Want to feel the temperatures rise at a hot spring? Ask my staff to book a car to take you to your chosen location or, if you want to venture by public transport, ask them for instructions and have them write down the name of my hotel for your return. Springs are out of city limits, with their natural settings all part of the charm. Enjoy!