Pulau Tikus Heritage Trail

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Penang : Pulau Tikus Heritage Trail
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Penang : Pulau Tikus Heritage Trail

Known as a living treasure, I’d put Penang’s Pulau Tikus Heritage Trail down on any itinerary as a must-see. Don’t let the English translation – Rat Island – for this age-old precinct put you off. Pulau Tikus is about as quintessentially Penang as you could ever imagine, and totally put me under its spell.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

History Come To Life
During a recent trip, I passed by old villages populated by residents of Burmese, Thai and Eurasian descent, still active in old trades, from shopkeeping to mending bicycles.

Architecture of All Styles
An Arab-Muslim district is impeccably tidy and well maintained, and its architecture is hugely in contrast with places like the Church of the Immaculate Conception, built in the early 1800s by Thai-Portuguese settlers.
Further along, another twist in history and culture is glimpsed at the Dhammikarama Burmese Temple, built in 1803.

Exciting Eats, Old and New
If Penang is famous for anything, then it is for food, and nowhere better showcases the culture of street hawkers than Pulau Tikus Market. Look out for sellers of the district’s famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng, or Indian-style fried noodles. Like George Town, a thriving younger culture of coffee shops and cafes is cropping up alongside old favourites. For a foodie like me, the aromas and scents are impossible to resist!

Take a step back in time on Penang’s Pulau Tikus Heritage Trail. My team can help you arrange a tour of this prized cultural attraction. Expect the tour to last two hours or more if, like me, you like to stop for snacks!

PS. By the way, we’re working with St Nicholas’ Home to offer guests and Islander diners a 15-minute foot massage session by visually impaired masseurs on March 19 – ask my team for details.