Greatest Gifts for Dad!

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Penang : Greatest Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is the one day set aside for us to honour and remember our dads, as well as other men in our lives who have made a significant impact on us. For some, a similar question appears to emerge year and after year: “What do I get for the man who seems to have everything?"



Your superhero dad has given you all he could, so you could grow up to be what you are now. Now, it’s your turn to give to him. Clearly, the gift of life can’t be bought, but what you can give him is a little appreciation - appreciation for his time and effort. Therefore, gifts that can save him time and effort are the best gifts. These are a few ideas that might help your dad feel appreciated!


1. A ‘photo collage’ of him 

Collect photos of your dad and collage them into a photobook. No worries if you can’t find his photos; you can silently snap his photo doing just about anything – laughing, smiling or interacting with the whole family. Create a photobook that has all the family’s signatures, photos and a note of appreciation for him.


2. All the family together 

Some dads enjoy having the company of the whole family. Organise a lunch or dinner with the family. It can be anywhere, as long it would create a new moment in which the whole family is together with dad. He will surely be happy when all his loved ones are around him on his special day.


3. His favourite hangouts 

Some fathers just need some time to relax. Take your dad to a place they have always wanted to go to, such as a bar, a great fishing spot, the cinema or a sports event.


4. Special dinner treat for him 

The cliché is true; the way to the heart of many men is through their stomachs. Take dad out for his favourite meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A meal at a simple restaurant or takeaway should suffice.


5. King for a day 

You could buy your dad a lot of stuff, but memories last longer. If your dad isn’t the kind who hates travel, he might find this pretty cool. Give him a relaxing staycation for monumental memories.