Peak Season is Here

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Male, Maldives : Peak Season is Here
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Male, Maldives : Peak Season is Here

My team at Malé recently told me that they’ve been getting very busy, so I guess the Maldives peak season is here! From my experience, once the dry season starts, hotels in the Maldives get booked up really fast. So if you’re planning your dream Maldives holiday, act before it’s too late! Fortunately, I have a few great deals to help you make a decision (a holiday in the Maldives, how hard can it be?)

Wherever you’re travelling from, the first thing you need after you land in Malé is probably a rejuvenating massage. The Spa for Two package comes with a 50-minute massage for two, an effective stress reliever for long haul flyers.

They say wine tastes better with age; at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives, our holiday deals also get sweeter with age! The Discount By Decade Package gives you a fabulous discount based on your age on every third night of your stay – the older you are, the deeper the discount – pensioners of 80 or above will get their third night on us!

There are tons of things to do around Malé but you can also use it as a springboard to explore other parts of the Maldives. Take advantage of our Stopover Package if you are flying in on a late flight. Stay at my hotel and get a good night’s sleep, then you can move on to other islands feeling completely refreshed and ready for the next seafaring adventure.

Not sure what you can do in the Maldives and where the tourist attractions are? Ask my friendly team and they will gladly help you with your itinerary.