Early morning walk on the beach in Malé city.

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Male, Maldives : Early morning walk on the beach in Malé city.

Rise and shine with a rejuvenating walk on a white sandy beach!
Once upon a time, taking a stroll on the beach was an impossible dream for people who live in the Maldivian capital, as Malé does not have its own natural beachfront (unlike the surrounding islands). Now, crafted from breakwater tetrapods, the Artificial Beach is a popular recreational spot for the locals, allowing them to swim in the water and enjoy a picnic.
You may spot a few nature-lovers sitting around on the beach to enjoy the beautiful pink haze on the horizon. It is an amazing scene that is not to be missed. As you sink your toes into the sand, enjoy the warmth of the rising sun as it peeks through the clouds and the gentle rhythmic waves lapping back and forth. My team at the front office would love to arrange an early morning tour to the beach for you if you’re interested.