A New Record is Set in Singapore 

A 3.1-metre-tall ice kacang has entered the Singapore Book of Records to be built in the Republic.  This activity aimed to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with one of its significant local desserts; serve as a fund-raising initiative to raise awareness of and support for the hotel’s newly adopted charity institution, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS); and reflect the “Sense of Adventure” in Jen’s courage to attempt the record breaking.

The Big Day
The hotel’s attempt to break the record for the  ice kachang was open to the public. Two hundred bowls of ice kachang from the mammoth creation were served and guests can donate any amount they wanted. The feat took two hours, 4,000 kilograms of ice and 16 chefs lead by Chef de Cuisine Lee Hoong Wan to assemble the giant dessert in a custom-made colossal bowl and commercial scaffolding used to hold it in place for the safety of the chefs.

Twelve children from CPAS put on a short dance performance to thank the donors and hotel for their generosity in this fund-raising event held for them. At the same time, the organisation also set up a booth to showcase the art and craft items made by their own members for public purchase. The 2-hour event earned a total of S$458.85, 100% of which was donated to CPAS.

Members of the media from the major publications were also present for a hosted media lunch to witness the event.

We also had the honour of having the president of the Singapore Book of Records, Mr Ong Eng Huat, grace the event and hand the new record certificate to Mr Hervé Duboscq, general manager of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore.

Our Honour and Team Effort
The Singapore Book of Records is a non-profit organisation established in Singapore in 2005 to compile, administer, create, adjudicate national records and to advise and promote world records. It is one of the organisations in 25 countries worldwide with its own official record-keeping body.

It is definitely our honour and pride to be included in one of the book’s pages. However, it would not have been possible without the effort of everyone at the hotel. We will continue to strive and create more ideas to put Hotel Jen in the limelight of Singapore through our creative and innovative ideas.



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