SHENYANG, CHINA: March 10, 2016: Rebranding as Hotel Jen Shenyang, Traders Hotel Shenyang, the first property in northeast of China to adopt the new Hotel Jen brand by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd, will participate in Earth Hour on March 19, 2016 as part of the social power to protect the environment.

Earth Hour is a global energy conservation and environmental protection activity initiated by World Wildlife Fund in response to the worldwide climate change. Following the crucial issue, the haze, which was the concern in 2014 and 2015, the year’s Earth Hour in China is “Consume Less, Enjoy More”.  It aims to encourage people to live and consume in sustainable ways and take action using the environmental protection concept in daily life to see the blue sky again.

At 7 pm on March 19, 2016, Hotel Jen Shenyang will turn off the decoration lights and advertising board on its outer walls, as well as the non-main lights inside. All colleagues and guests are also encouraged to join in. More people are also expected to show their: volunteers from universities in Shenyang will bring their shows; a folk balladeer and live band will perform songs and music; the hotel chef team will present custom-made cocktails and snacks for guests with local seasonal ingredients which are organic, have less additive and are low in carbon to meet the requirements of both food safety and environmental protection. The concept of combining cooking and environmental protection will be put into effect further in the hotel’s restaurant operations to make a real effort to protect the environment and make the “one hour” last much longer.

Mr. Larry Lv, general manager of Hotel Jen Shenyang, added: “The Traders brand has built a market based on the fierce competition of the hotel industry for around 25 years with excellent performance and a group of established loyal guests. Yet we focus more on the future to continue leading. Hotel Jen Shenyang is active in public activities and devoted to environmental protection issues to promote the development of corporate social responsibility through it strengthens the awareness of our colleagues and guests who can make a contribution with us. We believe in it!”

Special thanks to the following corporations and individuals (listed in no particular order): 

 -Z-Basque Band owned by Shenyang Basque Culture Media, the only classic guitar band in China which owns professional concert and judges in many competitions. Shenyang Basque Culture Media devotes to build original cultural brand involving music, art, sports as an innovative and fashionable culture promotion platform 

 -Liaoning CeeCloud Technology Co., LTD, which provided live broadcast 

 -Bonnie House, a professional Style and Make-up Design Team 

 -ExpatDongbei and student representatives of School of Foreign Languages, International Education College and College of Foreign Language Teaching of Shenyang Normal University 

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