Hotel Jen Introduces the World’s City Guides


“24 Hours in 24 Seconds. Not One Moment Wasted” City Guides launched for Hotel Jen’s “We Are One” first-anniversary celebration


24 hours in 24 seconds. Not one moment is wasted in the world’s succinct and original city guides. Created by Hotel Jen to help guests enjoy their stay, the six 24-second videos and accompanying itineraries are part of Hotel Jen’s “We Are One” promotion celebrating its first anniversary. In just one year, Hotel Jen, the youngest brand in the Shangri-La family, has expanded to nine of Asia’s best cities with 10 Hotel Jen properties.


Each “24 hours in 24 seconds” video guide will tell a city’s story and capture its exciting aspects, enabling travellers to enjoy their short breaks and explore authentic local experiences adapted to their fast-paced lifestyles. Viewers will be able to pause a video guide at any time and click through to get details of the itinerary and activities via the dedicated “We Are One” microsite at


“For the information-overloaded, time-deprived and attention-challenged, the guides provide a fast-paced and unusually real take on one-of-a-kind activities that appeal to travellers tired of stock shots and off-the-shelf recommendations,” said Marisa Aranha, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hotel Jen. “We have captured 24 hours of exciting city experiences in a 24-second video through the ears and eyes of ‘Jen’. These cities are more than just spaces. They’re living, breathing and changing worlds, each with their own story to tell.”


Aligned with the Jen persona concept, Jen, a professional hotelier and all-time lover of life, travel and discovery, builds her reputation on the values she holds dear – one of them is a 'sense of adventure'. To create the city guides, ‘Jen’ embarked on a journey across six cities in six days. The city guides feature some of Hotel Jen’s major city locations, such as Hong Kong, Brisbane, Penang, Singapore, Beijing and Manila. Later, users will be encouraged to create their own one-day city guides, a frame at a time.


In addition to the city guides, Hotel Jen is offering a special We Are One promotion valid through 28 February 2016. The We Are One offer includes room upgrade to the next category, breakfast and double GC Award Points for Golden Circle members when guests pay the Best Available Rate plus one dollar of the local currency where the hotel is located.


Hotel Jen is located in Singapore; Hong Kong; Manila; Penang; Beijing; Brisbane; Malé; Shenyang; and Johor Bahru. For reservations or more information on Hotel Jen and the We Are One Offer, please visit or call one of our reservation offices or the hotels directly.

Jen's “We are One” Offer 
  • Pay the Best Available Rate plus one dollar of the local currency (e.g. SG$1, US$1, HK$1, RMB1, M$1 and so on)
  • Breakfast included
  • Room upgrade to the next category 
  • Booking period opens now until February 28, 2016
  • Stay period starts from November 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016
  • Golden Circle members will get double GC Award Points with the above offer
  • The We are One offer is available at every Hotel Jen. 
  • The offer may be applied to all bookings with a minimum 2-night stay.
  • Full prepayment is required with no refund and cancellation.
  • Offer is subject to availability.
  • The offer is subject to prevailing tax and service charge at the hotel.
  • The offer is not valid in conjunction with other offers and promotions and will be applied to bookings made as of November 1, 2015.

Reservations may be made through: 

T: +60 3 2052 3088 (worldwide) (Japanese) (Korean) 


Toll-Free Numbers for Reservations

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About Hotel Jen 

Hotel Jen is a diverse collection of hotels in the best locations across Asia Pacific, with a unique brand of style and service delivery designed to appeal to a ‘New Jeneration’ of travellers.


The brand is the brainchild of virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier and all-time lover of life, travel and discovery.


To guests, Hotel Jen delivers quality, comfort, convenience and value with a twist. Jen cares about what really matters to guests – the important things done well; comfortable rooms and honest authentic service; respect, privacy and efficiency served without fuss or intrusion; cultural insights; interesting experiences; and fast, WiFi everywhere, always.


For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the Hotel Jen website at


About Hotel Jen’s Chinese name 


Today – Travel 

Jen is a lover of life, fun, adventure and discovery, and wanted a Chinese name to reflect that. ‘Jin’ (today) is about the importance of living every day to its fullest, in the moment, and Lü (travel) represents the idea that life is about exploring new cultures, experiences and ways of being you.

Together, the characters inspire others to ‘travel today’, so why not be a little spontaneous? Jen can’t wait to host you.



T: +852 2599 3000