Hello Penang!

Golden beaches, tranquil getaways and tropical fruits by the truck load – Penang is your passport to paradise. Whether you are a history buff or a nature enthusiast, it’s a place that will never fail to delight you. Pack the best into 24 hours with my handpicked selection of go-to places on this exotic eastern escapade.

Zip through the best of Penang in 24 hours

Relishing breakfast in bed

I begin my morning with a warm and delicious breakfast served in the comfort of my room.

Admiring the Khoo Kongsi building

Squeezed between the streets of George Town is the grandest clan temple around – it’s details magnifying with every step I take.

Getting my caffeine fix at Toh Soon Café

My instant pick-me-up drink? Strong, double-roasted Hainan Coffee at this hole-in-the-wall café. Best enjoyed with some Nasi Lemak on the side.

Window shopping at Chowrasta Market

Vendors selling fresh produce, people bargaining, the smell of smoky woks – this place offers a sensory tour that can brighten up any morning.

Appreciating traditional crafts at rattan shops

Watching a craftsman weave is fascinating. These pieces of furniture are a labour of love that can in no way be replicated by off-the-shelf pieces.

Embracing the charm of Little India

Colourful, filled with exotic smells and sights -– I can’t help but lose myself in this little world, but not before biting into a piping -- hot Samosa.

Admiring antiques at Pinang Peranakan Museum

I’m in a mansion-museum. Walking barefoot, I drool over fabulous family antiques, Baba Nyonya architecture and all things vintage.

Eating Char Koay Teow on Lorong Selamat

Flat rice noodles and juicy shrimps with some crunchy bean sprouts – that’s what I call a flavour-packed, lip-smacking lunch.

Hiking to Penang National Park

Waves crashing in the distance, monkeys jumping in the trees – signs of nature echo in this gorgeously green trail.

Unwinding on the Monkey Beach

I’m in a little cove of paradise with sun-bleached sand, palm trees, clear blue waters and some fresh coconut water to sip on.

Touring the coastline in a boat

The water splashes and my heart races as my little boat zips around to give me a closer look of the coastline.

Visiting Tropical Fruit Farm in Pulau Pinang

I’m in tropical heaven, surrounded by banana plantations. On the menu: a spectacular fruit buffet.

Enjoying the sunset on Batu Ferringhi Beach

As evening approaches, the beach gets less crowded and watching the sky change colours becomes an even more beautiful experience.

Seafood dinner at Tsunami Seafood Restaurant

Fresh seafood, cooling sea breeze and a uniquely local flavour – ingredients that make this place a winner.

A city-gazing taxi ride

I peep out of my taxi window to see the lively streets dotted with food stalls. Is it the island that never sleeps or the one that’s always hungry?

Enjoying the views from my hotel pool

As the city lights twinkle, I take a plunge into my terrace pool. Shimmering blue waters and stunning views transform this place into an urban oasis.

De-stressing with a spa at my hotel

Time to stop, relax and rejuvenate. I sit back and enjoy a session at my spa, where aromatic candles and mellow music fill the air.

Cocktails at China House

Housed between three heritage buildings is this place with a relaxed, hipster vibe. Great for sitting back and enjoying a drink or two.

Walking through Red Garden Night Market

Nothing beats delicious street food with some entertainment on the side. Penang’s International Hawker Centre is a good spot for just that.

Street art gazing in George town

I recommend coming here later in the night, when the decibel level is lower and the lights add to the magic of the paintings.

Partying at Micke’s Place, Love Lane

Rock classics and drinks are the order of the day here. Packed with popular band performances, it’s the place to sing along or sway to some great music.

Midnight munching in George Town

This midnight stop is popular for its Stuffed Pancakes, known as Murtabak – just what I need to wake up my taste buds.

Walking through UNESCO heritage streets

No people around, no music playing. A walk through these heritage streets at this hour feels surreal.

Heading to the comforts of my hotel

The fresh- smelling lobby and brightly lit interiors welcome me as I enter the hotel in the early hours. Feels like home.


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