A Day in Danga Bay

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Johor : A Day in Danga Bay
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Johor : A Day in Danga Bay

For a hotelier, new development in a city is always exciting news. Not far from Johor is an up-and-coming area called Danga Bay; currently a bit off the radar, it’s on its way to becoming Johor’s version of Singapore’s Marina Bay. Even now, the waterfront area is already worth a day trip – take a walk with me and I’ll show you.

Danga Bay is but a short cab ride from Puteri Harbour so you have all the time in the world to sleep in and even enjoy an induljent breakfast in bed. Once you’re in the area, head over to Danga Bay Marina to take in the spectacular waterfront vista. Many sailboat and yacht owners moor their vessels by the bay – at sunset a photo of the marina is quite the postcard shot.

By the Johor Straits sits Danga Beach, a one-stop leisure and fine-dining hotspot with a plethora of retail outlets and top-notch alfresco restaurants. Further down the road is the Danga Bay Park, where kids will have a blast on a variety of rides.

If you’re travelling from Johor Bahru city centre, there’s a pedestrian path along the straits about 2km long that leads to the bay (a very nice stroll on a good day). Danga Bay is very accessible from my hotel. For transport arrangements, speak to my team.