Street and Seek Art Exhibition

12 July 2017
Street and Seek Art Exhibition

An artistic exploration of our hometown, Hong Kong

Hotel Jen Hong Kong by Shangri-La proudly unveils the first artistic collaboration with the Geneyclee Gallery – “Street & Seek” Art Exhibition by Elaine Chiu - from July 5 to September 15, 2017.

Elaine’s works will introduce guests to her explorations of the city’s up-and-coming Western District, featuring the neighbourhood’s unique characteristics, throughout the hotel’s public areas.

“Street & Seek” is all about our hometown, Hong Kong; a place where people seek and find inspiration, blending the past and present, tradition and innovation. Elaine’s paintings and her perspective of Hong Kong’s cityscape, reveal her personal passion and care for conserving local culture and neighbourhoods; capturing small alleys, busy streets, forgotten squares and many others of Hong Kong’s unique places. “Graham Street Market”, is a good example.

The painting is based on another sketch, which was originally done at the time when Graham Street Market was destined to be redeveloped. A group of urban speed sketchers, including Elaine, adamant recorded the last days of this unique market, before it was restored. Elaine turned the sketch into a new painting for this exhibition, as to encourage worldwide travellers, as well as locals, to appreciate and explore the city.

The exhibition reflects Hotel Jen’s key beliefs, which is to support art, culture and to closely connect and support our neighbourhood community. With one of the shared interests with our guests; Jen-Why-Art, the hotel supports local emerging talents by providing them a platform to reach a wider, international audience.

Street & Seek” Art Exhibition
Date: 5 July - 15 September 2017
Venue: 1/F, 2/F & 28/F Hotel Jen Hong Kong

About Elaine Chiu

Elaine Chu is a post-‘90s artist from Hong Kong and a fine arts major at the University of Hong Kong. Her works reflect her individual relationship with Hong Kong’s fast-paced urban culture. From her perspective, her artworks reveal personal sentiments that merge with the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Elaine’s art creations show a very personal and no charges to process, recorded in rich colours that capture moments of intense emotions.

Elaine uses watercolour as her primary medium. Her airy, transparent brush strokes create enrapturing images from mystifying and bewildering eras. To her, painting is not only an exploration into the microcosms of the city, but also a soul searching process. By combining realistic street images with watercolour rendering, she explores the intertwined relationships between observation and sentiment, and projects the city through her eyes and soul. 

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