Hong Kong’s 5 Postcard Shots

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Hong Kong : Hong Kong’s 5 Postcard Shots
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Hong Kong : Hong Kong’s 5 Postcard Shots

Every time I go on holiday I love taking photos. It’s a wonderful way to savour a trip after I’ve returned home. In a city like Hong Kong - packed with striking architecture, iconic landmarks and a breath-taking harbour – it would be easy to get carried away and take hundreds of photos.

Here are my five picks for picturesque postcard shots:

1. The Peak
If I could only take one shot of Hong Kong, it would be from The Peak. Get away from the tourist crowd and head over to the Peak Circle Walk, which will take you to Lugard Road lookout, offering a spectacular panoramic view.

2. Victoria Harbour
Another must-have shot is Victoria Harbour. A great way to get an amazing pic is to jump on the Star Ferry (which has been carrying passengers since 1888!) and photograph both sides of the harbour from the middle of the water.

3. Tall Buildings
In a city with over 7,000 tall buildings your album wouldn’t be complete without an iconic skyscraper. Topping the list is International Commerce Centre (ICC) in West Kowloon at a whopping 108 floors. Next in line is Two International Finance Centre in Central with 88 floors.

4. Hong Kong Tram
I like to sit on a tram’s upper deck’s back row and take photos from this vantage point: other trams, Hong Kong taxis, shop fronts and neon shop signs – not to mention the throngs of people on the streets.

5. Outlying Islands
Make the trek out to one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands: Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau or Peng Chau. Depending on the island you choose, you can discover traditional fishing villages, beautiful beaches, colourful Chinese temples, coastal landscapes and the some of the freshest seafood in Hong Kong.

Not sure where to start your photographic journey? Ask my team on suggestions about getting around, based on your schedule. 

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