Hong Kong’s Best Street Eats

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Hong Kong : Hong Kong’s Best Street Eats
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Hong Kong : Hong Kong’s Best Street Eats

You’ll recognise Hong Kong’s famous street-side restaurants, known as dai pai dong, by their distinctive green stands and flames leaping after sizzling woks.

Dai pai dong offers an instant glimpse into Hong Kong’s traditional dishes and an old-school way of living. I love the bustling outdoor atmosphere, even if it means I have to put up with an extra portion of humidity, too!

Once upon a time, these cheap eats were havens to low-income locals looking for a satisfying bowl of congee or noodles and a place to hang out and socialise; these days, many dai pai dong have died out, so make sure to include a trip in your itinerary – you’ll help keep the old Hong Kong culture alive!

Here are my four favourite dai pai dongs in Hong Kong. Maybe I’ll see you there…

Central - Sing Heung Yuen
Expect long lines at this famous local favourite located at 2 Mei Lun Street. The open-air food stall is well known for serving signature bowls of Macaroni in Tomato Broth and Crisp Toasted Buns. After my lunch, I could tell why!

Yau Ma Tei – Temple Street
Rows of dai pai dong are located just off Temple Street Night Market, so make a night of it after dark. Serving everything from seafood and pigeon to clay-baked rice specials, I did as the locals do and washed it all down with a bottle of local Tsingtao beer.

Central – Sing Kee
Beef in Salt and Pepper is one of the big food draws at this popular authentic dai pai dong slap-banged in a market at 9-10 Stanley Street and where the crowds never seem to die down. Dishes come hot off the wok thick and fast, causing plenty of entertainment. I ordered up Stir-Fried Clams in Black Bean Sauce and the signature Sizzling Chicken, and went back to my hotel fully satisfied and happy.

Tai Hang – Ping Kee
Go to Tai Hang to see this old-neighbourhood-turned-trendy-celeb-hang-out and then pay a visit to Ping Kee. Located by Shepherd Street, this place caters to a loyal crowd. I had to point at my neighbour’s plates to order since the menu was in Chinese – don’t forget to add a cup of the local classic drink, Milk Tea. This place serves some of the best in the city.

Hong Kong is bursting with great local foods. Ask my team about other local favourite treats you might like to sample.