Going Out with a Bang

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Hong Kong : Going Out with a Bang
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Hong Kong : Going Out with a Bang

Hong Kong’s magnificent fireworks displays are the stuff of legend. Make sure you get the best views at these five spots to celebrate New Year in Hong Kong.

Central Harbourfront: Huge spaces with awesome views and a fabulously festive vibe. You’ll have prime views of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the ICC, which will project the night’s countdown to midnight in lights.

Central Ferry Piers: Bars at piers number 3 and 7 help keep spirits high as you jostle with the crowd. Fireworks spark up overhead and explode over the harbour.

IFC: Book yourself a table with a view at a restaurant in Central’s best-known mall, or head to the rooftop. Bring your own or get drinks from the bars up here and enjoy the party spirit.

TST East: Venture across the harbour for a stunning view of the fireworks spilling out over Central’s magnificent skyline. The restaurants along the strip offer NYE’s packages, or join the throngs out on the street.

Hung Hom: The Hung Hom promenade is an extension of the TST East waterfront but will be significantly less crowded. A relatively unknown spot is the Hung Hom Bypass between Salisbury Road and Hung Hom Road, which offers a great vantage point for watching fireworks.