Hello Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a city like no other. From quirky neighbourhoods to culinary hot spots, from shopping playgrounds to nocturnal craziness – the city is a tantalising mix of all the things you want. Pack as much into 24 hours as I take you around my favourite places, showing you Hong Kong, the way I love it. The way you will too.

Zip through the best of Hong Kong in 24 hours

Waking up to a delicious breakfast

I’m served breakfast in a special food box. Warm and bursting with flavours, it gets me started for the day.

Taking a refreshing dip in my terrace pool

I take a plunge into this blue beauty. No bragging, but the views are quite impressive.

Being greeted in the hotel lobby

The staff warmly wave goodbye as I step out to start my adventure.

Admiring handmade steamers at Tak Chong Sum Kee

There’s a curious li’l place round the corner that fascinates me. It’s the last remaining bamboo steamer company in town.

Street art gazing in Sheung Wan

Walking through streets where the walls are a canvas and imagination runs wild. It’s colourful and full of surprises.

Riding on the Peak Tram

As the tram ascends, my stomach feels funny, but the views get more and more spectacular.

Watching the jaw-dropping Peak Panorama

OH. MY. GOD. That’s all I can say as I admire the breathtaking view of the Hong Kong skyline.

Escaping to Tai Po via MTR

Hop into the MTR, the cheap and convenient way to get around HK. It’s only a short ride to the countryside.

Making a wish at the wishing tree at Tai Po

At the legendary wishing tree, I watch hundreds of wishing papers flutter. I make a wish for many more wonderful adventures.

Savouring lunch at Tai Po Wet Market

This bustling wet market is packed with little stalls selling fresh-off-the-wok food. My pick: a bowl of hearty Chicken Noodle Soup.

Hiking around Tai Po

I take a short hike to absorb some stunning landscapes. There’s greenery and serenity all around.

Bathing under a waterfall at Tai Po

What better way to end a hike than by taking a plunge into a waterfall?

Visiting the Gold Fish Market at Mong Kok

I’m in a lane filled with shops selling gold fishes. It is believed they bring good luck and people of all ages come here to buy them.

Visiting the Bird Street in Mong Kok

Hong Kong is filled with charming corners and the bird market is one such place, where I admire exotic birds and handcrafted bamboo cages.

Relishing Egg Waffles in Mong Kok

I can have these at anytime – light and mildly sweet bubbles of joy. Add a dollop of ice cream – yum.

Cruising in the Star Ferry

It is an affordable cruise with stunning views. My eyes follow the reflections of skyscrapers in the water – poetry in motion.

Shopping at Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

They don’t call Hong Kong a shopper’s paradise for nothing. Designer shops, here I come!

Betting and beer-guzzling at Happy Valley Racecourse

Craft beers, galloping horses and a lively atmosphere– there’s so much to enjoy at the Beer Garden.

Taking the tram ride at Central

I take a ride in the oh-so-famous double-deckers - beauties that have been around since 1904!

Eating wonton noodles at Tsim Chai Kee, Central

Springy noodles with a bite – that’s what I’m having for dinner. These wonton noodles are a Hong-Kong must-have.

Enjoying high-rise views at Wooloomooloo, Wan Chai

Late at night, I head to this terrace pub to sip on a cocktail and gaze at the city’s glittering skyline.

Drinking and partying in Lan Kwai Fong

The party is always on in this famous bar street - a great place to go bar hopping and enjoy the city’s lively atmosphere at night.

Relishing midnight dim sums at Sun Hing

What’s a Hong Kong trip without dim sum? I know where to get some in Kennedy Town at this hour.

Returning for a good night’s sleep

Soft sheets, fluffy pillows, great smell – my hotel room feels like paradise.


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