My stance on sustainability

Enhancing local biodiversity: At my hotels, my team already encourages less frequent laundering, implements the use of biodegradable bathroom amenities and provides PressReader access to thousands of digital newspapers and magazines. However, they are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the consumption of our planet’s natural resources by benchmarking our energy, water and CO2 footprint.  

Embracing local communities: Heep Hong Society is an organisation committed to providing professional care, education, training and family support services for children with developmental and learning problems, in particular, those with autism spectrum disorders. Working as a long-standing partner of the society, we have supported and embraced autistic children and their families with the key objective of improving their social skills through a range of activities in inclusive settings. Our volunteer team visits the centre every month to teach the children and play with them in simple and fun ways. In addition, children’s parties and flag days are organised occasionally to encourage social interaction.