Singapore, 5 October 2015 - Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore, the first Hotel Jen property to open globally in September 2014 under the new brand by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd, is proud to win the silver medal in the inaugural HRD Employer of Choice 2015.

A silver medal recipient with a culmination of some 100 to 500 online votes from our colleagues of different levels and positions, we shone in the spotlight as we received both Top-Performer in the Career Progression and Health and Wellbeing categories.

“It has definitely been a momentous year for us, especially as this September coincides with the celebration of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore’s 1st anniversary,” said Mr Hervé Duboscq, general manager of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore.

“We are proud and privileged to have received these medals – a solid testament from our colleagues who believed in the management of the company that cares about their career progression and work-life balance,” Mr Duboscq added.

It is only natural for a person to feel tense and anticipation of what it is going to be during the first day of their work and orientation. To put the new colleagues at ease and to break the ice, executive committee and senior managers get to know them by engaging them in interactive games.

Implementation of flexible working hours (flexi-time) for our heart-of-house colleagues has tremendously helped them achieve work-life balance in their own way. We organise activities regularly to bond and get to know each other from the different departments better, as well as encourage body wellness and healthy living, such as Zumba classes, yoga classes, kayaking and many more interesting activities.

Colleagues are given empowerment to make decisions in an appropriate manner in accordance with the situations. Jen’s Culture is reinforced by having creative activities during our refresher training programme for colleagues. This is supported with Jen’s Way of Being, setting goals for everyone and allowing them to strive to achieve personal goals and objectives and setting the right direction for career progression.

As we gear for the next phase of growth, these awards will serve as an inspiration to continually drive our fellow colleagues to constantly deliver the good standards to our guests to let them experience ‘That Jen Feeling’.

为了迎合城市探险家的需求,今旅酒店Hotel Jen品牌以热情主动的态度和贴心友好的服务,传递品牌的核心元素——品质、舒适感和价值观。今旅酒店Hotel Jen欢迎爱生活、爱旅行以及充满好奇心的人士,通过自然的体验、新奇的见解和独特的视角,让游客忘掉烦恼,远离沉闷。今旅酒店Hotel Jen于2014年开始在亚太地区的一些城市推出10家充满活力的酒店,其中包括新加坡、香港、中国大陆的北京和沈阳、马尼拉、马来西亚的槟城和柔佛、澳大利亚的布里斯班以及马尔代夫的马累。香格里拉酒店集团已宣布在马来西亚婆罗洲将会在2018年开设新的今旅酒店Hotel Jen。更多信息,敬请访问或加入WeiboWeChat上的对话。