Hotel Jen, part of Shangri-La International Hotel Management, today launched its first experiential programme, Jen-Why Art, with the opening of Box Illusions by Haze Long – a unique art exhibition and the first in Penang. Aligned with its brand campaign to Leave Boring Behind, the brand promise is to help travellers to seize the stay, meet the locals and unravel the city. Hotel Jen celebrates the ‘something different’ in travel that inspires every guest to find something truly unforgettable. 
Hotel Jen Penang will share and promote the city with a range of experiential programmes from four passion points – Jen-Why Art, After Hours, Get.Set.Eat and Native Rituals – which are all about bringing food, exploration, art and local connections to life with a Jen twist. 
The month-long exhibition is part of a series of programmes for Jen Why Art, organised by Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La to promote arts and culture in Penang while providing industry players a platform to showcase their work.
Jen-Why Art 
Apart from being a platform showcasing talents and art works, it is an ongoing programme for discovering emerging local talents and offering interactive creative experiences. 
In brief, Hotel Jen introduces travellers and hotel visitors to its talents through art and creative formats and engagement activates. 
“Through Jen-Why Art, we hope to give local talents a space to perform and interact with our guests and help travellers actively connect to our city’s culture from within the hotel,” said Ellie Yeoh, communications manager of Hotel Jen Penang.  
Artists not only requires a channel to promote their talents, but also needed a support platform to showcase their work and receive appreciation by others. 
“We believe art should be shared with all people. It is also part of our culture and our educational activities that benefit the community. We hope such experienctial programmes will inspire new blood, new creative talents in Penang,” said Ellie.
In line with the Penang State’s vision to transform into a truly international and liveable city in the world, we’re here to create opportunities and encourage young and emerging talents to explore in Penang. 
The hotel will continue its partnership with Ms Haze and make Penang a little bit more exciting by bringing more projects to this lively city.
Box Illusions by Haze Long 
The exhibition opens from 10:30 am to 5 pm on weekends, 8, 9, 16, 29, 30 April 2017 and refreshments will be provided.
Guests may visit Hotel Jen Penang’s Facebook page for more details or contact +604-262 622
Leave Boring Behind 
Hotel Jen celebrates the alternative twist that inspires curious travellers to leave boring behind through unconventional perspectives, lesser-known insights and spontaneous experiences. Each Hotel Jen enables its guests to seize the stay, meet the locals and unravel the city through experiential programmes focused on:
Native Rituals: Uncovering local customs, insider knowledge and city secrets
After-Hours: Exploring alternative city experiences from sunset to sunrise
Jen-Why Art: Discovering emerging artists and interactive creative experiences
Get.Set.Eat: Championing home-grown food producers and local flavours
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为了迎合城市探险家的需求,今旅酒店Hotel Jen品牌以热情主动的态度和贴心友好的服务,传递品牌的核心元素——品质、舒适感和价值观。今旅酒店Hotel Jen欢迎爱生活、爱旅行以及充满好奇心的人士,通过自然的体验、新奇的见解和独特的视角,让游客忘掉烦恼,远离沉闷。今旅酒店Hotel Jen于2014年开始在亚太地区的一些城市推出10家充满活力的酒店,其中包括新加坡、香港、中国大陆的北京和沈阳、马尼拉、马来西亚的槟城和柔佛、澳大利亚的布里斯班以及马尔代夫的马累。香格里拉酒店集团已宣布在马来西亚婆罗洲将会在2018年开设新的今旅酒店Hotel Jen。更多信息,敬请访问或加入WeiboWeChat上的对话。