As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, Hotel Jen Penang recently held the “Stairmaster Challenge” in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day celebrated each year on May 31st. On this day, more than 30 Hotel Jen Penang and Golden Sands Resort staff voluntarily participated in the “Stairmaster Challenge.”

Each staff began the challenge by climbing the stairs from levels 4 to 17. They have to climb a total of 13 floors. Those who successfully completed the “Stairmaster Challenge” within three minutes had a chance to win attractive lucky draw prizes prepared by the hotel.  

Mr. Lee Boon Eng from Golden Sands Resort set the record at 1 minute 9 seconds. At the end of the activity, all the participating staff received a round applause for their effort and posed for a group photo to commemorate this day.   

This activity aimed to highlight the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and encourage smokers to quit smoking and keep their cigarettes away. 

Tobacco consumption is a leading preventable cause of death and disease worldwide, causing nearly six million deaths each year. According to the Malaysian Ministry of Health, “tobacco use in Malaysia accounts for 35% of in-hospital deaths, principally from cancer, heart disease and stroke. More than 10,000 Malaysians die from smoking-related illnesses each year.”

Gavin Weightman, general manager of Hotel Jen Penang said, “Consumption of tobacco is a big threat to human health and the way to stop smoking is to just stop. Through the “Stairmaster Challenge”, we had successfully shared the ideas of living a healthy lifestyle to the staff through regular exercise and hope that some smokers among the staff will decide to quit and give up their last cigarette pack.”   

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