Hotel Jen, the mid-range hotel chain and newest brand of the Shangri-La Group, is hosting 9 parties in 9 of her cities to celebrate her first birthday in style. 
The parties are part of Hotel Jen’s “We are One” first anniversary celebration since the rebrand of the newest Hotel Jen in Puteri Harbour was completed. So what’s next for Jen? 
While individual hotels have marked their own anniversary milestones, holding the #NextJenParty is the first time all the hotels will celebrate together.
From a quirky “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” in Beijing to an “Infinity Cool” pool party in the Maldives, every #NextJenParty will have a special theme that captures the unique spirit of each hotel and the cities they reside in. 
“The Next Jen series is a platform that allows us to showcase what’s next for Hotel Jen through the latest trends and cultural influences that bring to life what we call ‘That Jen Feeling.’ “Said Marisa Aranha, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hotel Jen. “With a series of events having already taken place at Hotel Tanglin, we support local artists, talents and start-ups and create exciting occasions at each Hotel Jen. There will be more to come in 2016.”
Working with local artists, performers and chefs, Jen will infuse each #NextJenParty with the art, music, flavours and culture of that city. There will be colourful cocktails inspired by Batik artists in Puteri Harbour, street art inspired menus in Brisbane and a lively round of spice roulette in Penang. 
It will be a true feast for the senses with a mouthwatering ‘Hawker Junction’ party in Singapore, a nostalgic Tram party in Hong Kong and a delicious ‘Wok & Roll’ party in Shenyang. And the best part, 9 amazing cakes will be created that provide a true taste of each city with local flavours and fragrances.
With the theme of Spice Roulette Party, Hotel Jen Penang hosted over 150 loyal corporate members, media and social media influencers to a games night that meets with experimental food lab. The culinary team specially crafted a spice-infused Penangite’s favourite menu with a twist. There are hawker stalls with fresh made to order dishes like Char Kway Teow, Penang Laksa, Assorted Satay, and Ikan Panggang in Banana Leaves, and guests are able to try their own hand in creating unexpected flavours by spinning the spice roulette wheel, throw dices or darts on the spice board. 
The 9 parties took place at the same time and streamed live via Periscope, so guests at each party can see each other and celebrate together. 
Get an inside look at each event on Hotel Jen’s Facebook and Instagram channels or by searching #NextJenParty. 
In addition to #NextJenParty, Hotel Jen launched the “We Are One” celebrations at the end of 2015 with a series of “24 hours in 24 seconds” video guides that told the stories of six exciting and vibrant cities through the eyes of Jen. You can find the city guides at www.hoteljen.com/cityguide/.  

为了迎合城市探险家的需求,今旅酒店Hotel Jen品牌以热情主动的态度和贴心友好的服务,传递品牌的核心元素——品质、舒适感和价值观。今旅酒店Hotel Jen欢迎爱生活、爱旅行以及充满好奇心的人士,通过自然的体验、新奇的见解和独特的视角,让游客忘掉烦恼,远离沉闷。今旅酒店Hotel Jen于2014年开始在亚太地区的一些城市推出10家充满活力的酒店,其中包括新加坡、香港、中国大陆的北京和沈阳、马尼拉、马来西亚的槟城和柔佛、澳大利亚的布里斯班以及马尔代夫的马累。香格里拉酒店集团已宣布在马来西亚婆罗洲将会在2018年开设新的今旅酒店Hotel Jen。更多信息,敬请访问www.hoteljen.com/cn或加入WeiboWeChat上的对话。