PUTERI HARBOUR, JOHOR, MALAYSIA: June 3rd 2015: Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor (formerly Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour, Johor) hosted a special event for approximately 100 guests, including local taxi drivers, to give them a glimpse of what it would be like to stay at Hotel Jen.  Supported by MYTEKSI, Malaysia’s fast and safe taxi booking application, the event aimed to help local taxi drivers familiarise themselves with the many great stays, interesting tourist attractions and potential business event sites located around Puteri Harbour. 
“With the changing demands of today’s customers, the Hotel Jen experience will set new standards for both business and leisure travellers, particularly, the millennial-minded guests.  Together with efficiency, without fuss or intrusion, Hotel Jen takes care of guests with a careful attention to details that will impress even the seasoned travellers, giving them a similar experience of staying with a friend,” said Mr. Sigi Bierbaumer, general manager of Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor. 
“Today’s event is meant to give local taxi drivers an opportunity to step into Hotel Jen when all they usually do is drop off and pick up guests. We really want them to experience first-hand what Hotel Jen has to offer, as well as introduce to them the other unique offerings that we have.” Bierbaumer added. 
During the event, invited guests were treated to a tour of the hotel to give them first-hand experience of the services and facilities that Hotel Jen has to offer for both business meetings and leisure. Other services, such as bicycle rental with a fitted GoPro camera for a family trip and mobile check-in service, were also demonstrated. 
The event ended with a scrumptious buffet lunch at Harbour Café on the hotel’s first floor.
Recently rebranded in April 2015, the Hotel Jen brand is inspired by virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places. With that in mind, the Hotel Jen experience delivers what matters to guests – the important things done well.
Stepping into Hotel Jen, guests will be able to enjoy beverages in the lobby and other home comforts, including laundry wash and fold service at one price for unlimited items in the laundry bag, a PressReader app with access to 2,500 online publications, replacing the traditional morning newspaper, and coffee and snack-box-to-go options after breakfast.
Additionally, guests who are constantly on-the-go need not worry about missing the important meal of the day or any meal for that matter, when they can pick their Breakfast-to-Go box or just visit the On-the-Go deli counter for a quick and healthy bite on the run. Another unique offering by Hotel Jen is the vending machine that holds a variety of beverage and snacks at convenience store prices.
For savvy travellers, easy efficiency is supported by cutting-edge technology, with fast WiFi everywhere, always and fun and colourful mobile charging stations located throughout the hotel to keep your devices on the go.

为了迎合城市探险家的需求,今旅酒店Hotel Jen品牌以热情主动的态度和贴心友好的服务,传递品牌的核心元素——品质、舒适感和价值观。今旅酒店Hotel Jen欢迎爱生活、爱旅行以及充满好奇心的人士,通过自然的体验、新奇的见解和独特的视角,让游客忘掉烦恼,远离沉闷。今旅酒店Hotel Jen于2014年开始在亚太地区的一些城市推出10家充满活力的酒店,其中包括新加坡、香港、中国大陆的北京和沈阳、马尼拉、马来西亚的槟城和柔佛、澳大利亚的布里斯班以及马尔代夫的马累。香格里拉酒店集团已宣布在马来西亚婆罗洲将会在2018年开设新的今旅酒店Hotel Jen。更多信息,敬请访问www.hoteljen.com/cn或加入WeiboWeChat上的对话。