Find Brisbane’s Best Food Trucks

BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Brisbane : Find Brisbane’s Best Food Trucks
BODY IMAGE: Hotel Jen Brisbane : Find Brisbane’s Best Food Trucks

Since the first food trucks rolled into town these mobile kitchens have been serving some of the best food in Brisbane. Begun by enterprising chefs and food lovers who make food fresh to order, they give other Brisbane restaurants a run for their money.

Offerings are ever more exotic and decidedly gourmet. From fish tacos to imaginative ice-cream sandwiches, deli sandwiches to donuts, there’s such a medley of mouthwatering options it can be hard to know where to begin. Walk with me, and I’ll show you the best queues to join.

Bun Mobile’s handmade steamed buns, filled with Wagyu, pork and teriyaki chicken, led the food truck trend and so make a good place to start your tasting tour. It now has its own dedicated website, making it even easier to track the truck when your stomach rumbles.

Representing European cuisine, The Pasta Cruiser serves up steaming bowls of fresh pasta in inventive sauces, while Fire N’ Dough rocks Italian-style wood fired pizza and Viva Paella dishes up Spain’s favourite rice dish.

Fill up on hot dogs, from places like New York Dogs and Gourmet H-Dogz, or go for barbeque at Char Baby, whose slow wood-cooked pork practically slides from the bone. King of Wings deep-fries up to five different varieties daily and there are plenty of trucks offering stylish fries to match.

Juan More Taco and Grub Cartel can be relied upon for authentic Mexican quick eats, while Fiery Deli’s Venezuelan arepas sandwiches or Vira Lata’s Brazilian Bahia Prawns take you on an exciting culinary adventure through Latin America.

You’ll find the trucks converging anywhere from car parks to Brisbane’s food markets – trace their routes through social media. One thing is for sure: There might be no posh linen cloths and leather-bound menus at these joints but the food coming from them is every bit as tasty as some of Brisbane’s best city restaurants.

Hungry for more mobile meals? My team can point you in the right direction of the new and noted. Read up on my One Day City Guide before you explore the city!