My stance on sustainability


Enhancing local biodiversity: From encouraging less frequent laundering, using biodegradable bathroom amenities and takeaway containers, and providing free PressReader access to thousands of digital newspapers and magazines, my team is constantly looking to reduce consumption of our planet's natural resources. At Hotel Jen Brisbane, we are constantly looking to implement eco-friendly technology to reduce our water and energy consumption. Where possible, we try to source locally and this includes having our own sky garden and bees for our own vegetables and honey.   


Embracing local communitiesLeukaemia Foundation is an Australian non-profit organisation caring for and curing patients afflicted with  leukaemia lymphoma myeloma MDS MPN Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia aplastic anaemia amyloidosis, and related blood disorders. Hotel Jen Brisbane has sponsored more than 60 room nights for blood cancer patients as well as conducted several fundraisers to help ease their financial burdens.