Say goodbye to boring meetings and hello to a NEXT Jen Meeting. Our creative Prototype co-working space are designed to provoke the senses, boost energy and inspire great ideas.

Organizer's Pack
All the basics you need, from pens to USB chargers and more.

Standard Audio-Visual Equipment
Show, tell and learn with cables and equipment that works every time. Standard equipment: screen, LCD projector, one microphone and standard cable kit.

Mobile Charging Stations
No searching for plugs – just convenient and efficient.

Digitalized LCD
For an efficient meeting, staying up to date, sharing thoughts, and keeping everyone connected.

Creative Conference Table Amenities
Enjoy fruit-infused water for downtime and more.

Added Benefits
4-Hour Response Time Guaranteed
Expect a speedy response from a manager within 4 hours and an official proposal within 24 hours.

Meeting and Events Credit
5% on future event cash credit*

Choose the package that works for you and add any extras you might need for your business meeting! Enjoy unique spaces tailored to each occasion, a carefully planned menu and thoughtful perks that boost brain power.


Contact us now at +86 10 6505 2277 or email for more information.