Located in Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD), Hotel Jen Beijing offers travellers no-fuss service with a refreshing sense of adventure, and puts the city right at their doorstep with a lively gastropub, restaurants, smart meeting spaces and a fitness centre.

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During the current period, some hotel venues and operating hours have been revised. We will advise you about operation time upon check-in.

In compliance with Beijing Household Waste Management Regulations, effective from May 1, 2020, Hotel Jen Beijing will no longer be providing disposable personal amenities such as toothbrushes, combs, razor sets and shoe mitts in guest rooms. Please contact Service Center at extension “0” if you need any of these items during your stay.

You may contact our Hotel Customer Service Line for more information pre-arrival at (86 10) 65052277 to get the latest updates.

Services and Facilities


  • Prototype, a creative co-working hub
  • Trainyard, a 3,500sqm fitness centre spread over 2 levels
  • Beersmith Gastropub with beer brewery
  • San Wu Tang, a modern and vibrant all-day dining restaurant

A Little Extra

  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning services
  • Taxi and limousine services
  • Covered car parking facilities
  • Shopping facilities
  • Guomao subway interchange station
  • Fast WiFi everywhere, always
  • 24-hour room service

Hotel Jen Beijing

Beijing is a lively city filled with an eclectic menu of activities to suit the taste of everyone, regardless of whether you are a foodie, a lover of architecture and art, or a history buff. At Hotel Jen Beijing, the entire city is at your doorstep, and to get you started on your journey, I’ve put together a few areas close by the hotel that are worth taking the time to appreciate.

Fans of people-watching may want to start the day at Ritan Park which is five minutes by car from the hotel. It’s a large expanse of greenery speckled with monuments, ancient trees, and even a climbing wall. While the crowds are small, this is a popular hangout for residents that come to practice t’ai chi and swordplay in the morning.

After that, head south to Temple Theatre Beijing Opera House. It combines theatre and architecture in a way that’s been significant to this city’s history since 1667. This is one of the old and well-preserved buildings in Beijing. The décor is exquisite, but the real treat comes in the form of everything from avant-garde dance to Kunqu, a form of opera that originated in the Jiangsu province.

Now that you’ve taken in a show, the next step is to grab a bite to eat. When you’re in Beijing, do not miss the Peking duck. There are many places to try this savoury treat and a personal favourite is Li Qun which has a rich history and great reputation – after all, it has been serving Peking duck for more than 100 years! Located in a small courtyard hidden deep in a hutong, Li Qun offers an ambiance that sets it apart from its competitors. Every bite is somehow better than the last, and the further into your dish you are, the more you come to appreciate the genuine nature of this modest shop.

Contemporary art aficionados may want to check out Today Art Museum, a closer alternative to the 798 art district. Dedicated to showcasing Chinese artists, the collection changes frequently, so there is always something new to see and to be immersed in.

Before heading back to the warm embrace of Hotel Jen Beijing, grab a snack on Wangfujing Street, where you can try (if you dare!) some interesting delicacies such as scorpion, spider and starfish. Or do some shopping and find a souvenir for family and friends back home at the China World Mall attached to my hotel.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Beijing. It’s a blur of experiences so consistently strung together that the need to come back grows with every visit. And every time you do decide to return, my staff will be waiting with recommendations to help you get out and leave boring behind.

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